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Bad Boyz Toyz Layaway
Bad Boyz Toyz Layaway
BBT Layaway is available starting now with a pickup date of Christmas eve, so head in and pick out that perfect gift.

*Buy with confidence...
If at anytime you find an exact like item for a lower price, simply print the ad and bring it in, we will immediately adjust your price by crediting your account. (eBay doesn't count, sorry)

*Pay as you go...
No credit card interest rates to deal with. Pay us as you can afford to and pick up your goods right when you need them.

*Lock in your purchase...
Inventory levels at almost every manufacturer and distributor are at an all time low. We ourselves carry, smaller inventory than we used to. The only way you'll be able to guarantee you'll get what you want is to order it ahead of time so we can have it waiting for you.

*Change your mind...
We can be flexible with you, as long as you haven't ordered a one of a kind hybrid item we'll let you transfer your balance to a different item. If you don't want any product at all, we'll transfer your balance to a BBT gift card.

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