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Two hundred years have passed since the Oblivion Crisis. The High King of Skyrim lies dead, killed by Ulfric Stormcloak in a duel. A Civil War rages in the land. A rebel faction known as the Stormcloaks wishes for Skyrim to secede from the Empire. However, their cause is not supported by all of the land's people and leaders. Many still support the Imperial Army. The war has reached a stalemate. This schism is the final event in a prophecy of the Elder Scrolls. It is foretold that this conflict will lead to the return of the Dragons, led by Alduin, the Nordic God of Destruction, also known as the World-Eater. Will you help the Legion preserve the integrity of the Empire or will you join the Stormcloak Rebellion and cast off the yoke of Imperial oppression? Join us April 8th 2018 for an action packed day of paintball, fantasy roleplaying! Featuring: -Side-quests, Side-quests, and more Side-quests! -Magical Quest Items! -The Nine Freeholds of Skyrim! -Alduin!

Pre Reg. General Admission
Pre Registration 1 Day - $28
Pre Registration 1 Day w/ 2000 paintballs - $68

1 Day Registration Day Of - $40

Pre registration prices increase April 4th, 2018
To register your full team please email us at

Member Admission
$5 off any pre registration package, please contact us for your coupon code. Click here to email us and get your coupon code.

All money is non-refundable once purchased.

Product Code BIG8DQPP83
Manufacturer Badlandz Paintball Field
Condition New

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