We see it almost every day. A person excited about purchasing his/her gun, used off the internet or in person. Being taken advantage of by unscrupulous sellers, heartbreaking and aggravating but also costly. Taking the gun to an unknowledgeable or dishonest repair shop only makes the situation more of a bad experience and compounds your investment.

We're not those guys, if we were we wouldn't still be in business long after most others have gone.

Non-Cocker Repairs starting at $29.99 + parts
To make sure you're comfortable, send us your gun an we'll diagnose the problem and give you an accurate estimate, free of charge. If you want it fixed we'll give you 10% off your initial labor charge, if not we'll box it up and send it back to you with no charge other than shipping.

Cocker Tune & Time $65 + parts
This is for Mechanical Autocockers that shoot (even badly) when they arrive here, at BBT. Some small repairs are included, at our discretion.

Cocker Setup $69.99 - $99.99 + parts
For Mechanical Autocockers that will not fire or function when we get them. Most repairs are included, at our discretion. 

Cocker Rebuild $99.99 - $129.99 + parts
For Mechanical Autocockers that have been "built" but never fired or guns that will not stay working and have been "built" with mixed parts from multiple manufacturers. 

All other cocker work price upon request
Minimum labor charge $25 this will be credited back towards any work you have done, if you just want it back unrepaired for any reason, the $25 will stick.

Our pricing is based on your gun having quality components ie; Shocktech, Palmers, WGP, Eclipse, Bob Long, Belsales, to name a few. Unfortunately there have been a great many substandard autococker parts made and its not like they got better with age. For your consideration, please realize that we here at Shocktech were players first, that learned how to build our own guns. We followed the path of performance first and aesthetics second. While we did build some pretty sweet looking guns, they still worked with outstanding performance under the most diverse and rugged conditions possible. As the game evolved other manufacturers got into the autococker building venue as well. Unfortunately many of these were machine shops or manufacturers looking to cash in on one of the best guns ever made. Not being competitive players, or in some cases players at all! This hurt their ability to put out a quality product. No need to make sure it works properly if its just to make a quick buck by selling to a recreational player that will never know the difference, right?

When you send us your gun, please keep in mind who built it and what was their reputation among the elite players of the autococker competitive years. No pro level podiums? We cannot make it better than it was back then.

1. A Copy for yourself. 
2. Also a copy to put in with your gun.
3. Once we've received your gun we'll inspect your gun and match it up to your enclosed paperwork.
4. Once that happens we'll e-mail you back that we've received it in good condition, we will also compare the condition of the product in the box too your written description. If we find any discrepancies we will let you know.
5. We'll get to work, possibly contacting you a second time (via e-mail) to offer some suggestions or additional discounted upgrades.
6. Once completed we'll ship the gun back to you as you specified and e-mail you a tracking number and total charges.

Mail to: BBT Repairs 17843 Torrence Ave. Lansing, IL 60438

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